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Inequality and the Pacification of Militant Protest in the United States, 1919-2012

To generate the graph below, you need two data files. The first is yearly income decile data from Piketty (2014), which should be named “Inequality_USA.csv.” The second is the Cross-National Time-Series data from Banks and Wilson (2017), which should be called “2017 Edition CNTSDATA.csv.” Finally, the code snippet below should be in a file called “Baron_et_al-ISQ.R” — that will be an R script that compiles the two datasets before producing the figure from our article.

The Alt-Right is not all Right: On the ideology of Kekistan

Kekistan is mostly right-wing, but with a "long tail" of centrists and leftists. The number one issue priority of Kekistanis is free speech, and Kekistani public opinion includes a large number of contradictory interests each belonging to a small number of people. There is some racism in Kekistan, but that's also in the long-tail, with many other random topics such as cryptocurrency, atheism, anime, Christianity, and AI.

The moral foundations of social justice warriors

Are Social Justice Warriors a real ideological faction of the Left, with a unique moral psychology? The first in a multi-part series using 'big data' to understand obscure ideological subcultures.

What is the effect of comparing Donald Trump to Hitler?

Critics of U.S. President Donald Trump frequently compare him to Adolf Hitler. Does comparing Trump to Hitler decrease support for his policies? We conducted a survey experiment to investigate the causal effect of a Hitler comparison on support for a Trump policy.

Milo, motivated reasoning, and the left-wing Fox News

How progressive media culture treats Milo is a case study of how the left is approaching the cognitive level of Fox News.

Who are Jordan Peterson’s followers?

An academic psychologist is connecting left-libertarians and Trump supporters.

Are Americans becoming more conservative or liberal (right or left)?

Conservatism, racism, and white nationalism are not increasing. It's social liberalism that is taking over.

Capitalism is an instance, not an essence

On Deleuze and Guattari, cosmic selection bias, and the room for revolutionary praxis despite unconditional acceleration.

The formal structure of paranoid leftism (why there is no such thing as a noble error)

How choosing personal psychological comfort over empirical accuracy will doom you and your friends to oblivion.

Two cultures of radical politics

Why morality preserves the status quo and science is the key to overthrowing it.