Does Media Coverage Drive Public Support for UKIP or Does Public Support for UKIP Drive Media Coverage?

Vector autoregression (VAR) using time-series data from 2004 to 2017 provides new evidence that media coverage drives party support, and not vice-versa.

What is the effect of comparing Donald Trump to Hitler?

Critics of U.S. President Donald Trump frequently compare him to Adolf Hitler. Does comparing Trump to Hitler decrease support for his policies? We conducted a survey experiment to investigate the causal effect of a Hitler comparison on support for a Trump policy.

Milo, motivated reasoning, and the left-wing Fox News

How progressive media culture treats Milo is a case study of how the left is approaching the cognitive level of Fox News.

The affective politics of keeping it real

Why real nobodies are more powerful than repressed somebodies (the internet epoch has hardly begun).

Social science and the radical politics of not knowing

The real usefulness of social science in times of crisis.

Slides on 'Democracy' as propaganda for capitalism

Resisting the conventional wisdom that propaganda is mostly associated with authoritarian governments, these slides sketch how the liberal, capitalist government of the United States at the time of World War I exploited the concept of “Democracy” in what would become perhaps the most remarkable propaganda achievement in modern history. Includes photos, videos, historical data from Google Books, and a discussion of some recent research suprisingly consistent with this argument.