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Use recursive partitioning and decision trees to guess someone's political opinions (using R with survey data)

Let’s say you meet someone at a dinner party, and you really want to know their opinion about some juicy political topic. If you’re me, you might just ask them straight up. But often, there are reasons why you can’t be so forward. Thankfully, political opinions are not randomly distributed. So if you can glean a few facts about someone, you can often predict their other, more hidden opinions. The challenge is knowing which pieces of small-talk are the most predictive of the jucier questions you can’t quite ask them.

Migrated to Hugo

All the old content should still be here, with the same URLs. The Jekyll site was cool, but too liable to unexpected Ruby snags that I’m not competent enough to fix rapidly. The other major reason for switching to Hugo is to leverage the blogdown workflow within Rstudio, and the smooth github-netlify publishing flow.


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