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Custom Jekyll theme for academics based on the Feeling Responsive theme plus Jekyll Scholar bibliographies, automatic downloadable citations for blog posts, and SEO/social media optimization for academic purposes. This website ( uses Jekyll Academic.
Works, will try to maintain intermittently
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UK Political Party.
Image taken from @judy_squares of Glowing Falling Over

Political Science Article Searcher

Conduct a basic literature review across most of the top scholarly Political Science journals in one click and three new browser tabs.
Works but not actively maintained

Jailbreak the Mass Media

Google Chrome extension; fork of Jailbreak the Patriarchy
Works but not actively maintained
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Barclay Shields

Life project.
Started in early 2011, paused in late 2013, resumes periodically.
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The Ox

12,000 sq.ft. two-level abandoned meatpacking plant
Collaborators: ~50 others
August 2009 to December 2013.