theory & empirics

The affective politics of keeping it real

Why real nobodies are more powerful than repressed somebodies (the internet epoch has hardly begun).

The psychology of prohibiting outside thinkers

The real motivation of respectable progressivism is managing guilty conscience and conserving bourgeois privileges; how to theorize the Cathedral from the revolutionary left; understanding the suicide bombing of anti-intellectual intellectuals.

Activism is a capitalist virus from the future (honesty is stage-one cybernetic communism)

Capitalism is horrible because it disposes humans as cosmic garbage, but the only motor of that garbage disposal is rabid denial.

Capitalism is an instance, not an essence

On Deleuze and Guattari, cosmic selection bias, and the room for revolutionary praxis despite unconditional acceleration.

The formal structure of paranoid leftism (why there is no such thing as a noble error)

How choosing personal psychological comfort over empirical accuracy will doom you and your friends to oblivion.

Two cultures of radical politics

Why morality preserves the status quo and science is the key to overthrowing it.

On turning left into darkness

A response to critics and a more positive elaboration of my current thinking.

Is it dangerous to engage seriously with radical right-wing thinkers?

If only it were.

Social science and the radical politics of not knowing

The real usefulness of social science in times of crisis.

Notes on some rare Deleuze lectures

Notes I took on rare video of Gilles Deleuze lecturing in 1975-76. On micro vs. molar, gangs, borders, Virginia Woolf, and social change.