theory & empirics – Overthrowing Institutions

On oppression and insurrection (1)

Diverse types of inequality increase leverage for universal insurrection. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Overthrowing Institutions

On the hopeless but effective insurrection of having no power whatsoever

What if activists and organizers are so concerned with building the best carriage they have failed to notice their horses have already fled? Read More ›

theory & empirics – How to age well

The plague of respectable adults

My only concern is not to become one. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Institutions

On being honestly bad

To make insurrection against oppressive institutions, one must be as bad as one honestly is. Read More ›

theory & empirics

The long arc of the universe

That famous line about the arc of the universe bending toward justice is not just rhetoric but an actual empirical dynamic. Read More ›