The new ideological fractures

Short note about Catholic monarchism

I am not a monarchist, but I do think the Reformation was a disaster.

I wasn’t being ironic about Mary Stuart, or the world-historical catastrophe of the Reformation. I might still be something of a hipster but I really don’t do irony very much at all. Although I do sometimes try on for size somewhat hyperbolic versions of claims that I do sincerely believe, and I use the experience of the more extreme articulation as feedback for deciding whether that more extreme version of the claim is good or bad. I don’t say “true” or “false” because, while I think there is objective truth and objective falsity, I believe that the question of what exactly one should say in any given context is a different question, an aesthetic question ultimately.

So in this case, no I am not a monarchist but in the context of Mary Stuart’s time, I do think it likely that the UK would be better off today if Mary had ousted Elizabeth and unified the island under Catholic rule, sure.

And I do honestly think that the Catholic Church was probably the strongest hope for modernity to have a unified global bulwark against unfettered global exploitation. I think Luther really fucked that up, because the idea of a personal relationship with God is stupid and impossible. And from there, it’s just a massive global race to literal Hell (global warming). The Church explicitly told us this would happen if we started making up new religions, and now it’s happening dipshits!

More generally, no I’m not a Catholic NRx-er but I am a fairly avid lurker and vague admirer of that milieu’s daring untimeliness. I generally like anything that combines fringe ridiculousness with anti-relativist ethical passion, so long as it’s not plainly violent. I do think some of their arguments have more legitimate intellectual weight than the dominant bromides that circulate as common sense on the left, that’s for sure. I think “monarchism” is a joke, but a pretty strong, interesting, and hilarious one. I can imagine certain ways of embodying that claim that could be quite good, but I don’t think I could pull it off as an urban academic hipster.

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