Resentment and vegetarianism

People only eat meat because their repressed rage makes them bloodthirsty. All forms of bloodthirst are driven by resentment and revenge; this is the only conceivable reason why smart and good-natured people insist on eating meat. Everyone is so oppressed by social institutions but unable to kill any of the humans responsible for those institutions, that the half-hearted laments of unapologetic animal-eaters often reduce to: “I must reserve at least this one right to exercise my insatiable need to take life for myself.” I think this is why after great ventings of repressed rage, I find it impossible to eat the flesh of an animal. In such instances, one is free of the resentment which drives such a vicious appetite.

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Murphy, Justin. 2013. "Resentment and vegetarianism," (December 14, 2018).