#17: A call to friends

To take these introductory comments seriously is to unlock a whole new orientation for scientific research never before accessed by serious institutionalized scientific disciplines, especially the currently prevailing sciences of society. This present work is in no sense “interdisciplinary.” Rather, it is militantly anti-disciplinary, anti-discipline _for that matter, and by scientific necessity. Moreover, what is at stake in this pursuit is a practical project of reconstituting that chain of speech, truth, and being—a chain of which Socrates is perhaps only the purest representative—which is the key to the history and fall of critical thought. Consequently, this work cannot be anything other than a gift in the strict sense, an expenditure without reserve, in friendship with the friendless, and an opening salvo against all the intellectual moneychangers, against all false friends everywhere. As such, it is also a call to philosophic and scientific arms, directed first and foremost to my peers, the young and privileged and educated, we who still have a choice between producing false truths to earn petty comforts in a thoroughly false society, or defecting in favor of a radically emancipated honesty absolutely opposed to every currently existing institution. Needless to say, the latter course won’t pay because it is strictly priceless or, what is the same, _worthless. The only personal rewards we can expect are the clarity and dignity of poverty, and if we make it, an actual intellectual community. It’s happened once or twice before. But it is only by betraying the betrayers that we might one day soon meet on such a plane of new beginnings, the plane of honest philosophy and honest science.

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