Hip pouch (red square solidarity edition)

The Ox just got a gnarly industrial-strength sewing machine so this week I decided to make my debut in fashion design.

Hat tip goes to Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty, from whom I got the pattern here. As a business their politics and aesthetics are not quite mine–ultimately they do seem to be selling the false freedoms of frivolity, nostalgia, and the possibility of an ethical life under contemporary capitalism–but as humans they seem pretty rad (anti-exploitation, “anti-fashion”, DIY, they closed down for May Day, etc.). Taking some liberties with the design and having neither a shred of experience nor skill in sewing, I feel like my version is sufficiently DIY-looking to at least signal a theoretical rejection of the status quo. Surveying my career as a fashion designer, I feel like my intention over the past six days or so has been to blend the prevailing hipster aesthetic with the, uh, “militant anticapitalist aesthetic” or something. I think by “militant anticapitalist aesthetic” I mean militant anticapitalist “colors” and “rhetoric” maybe.

In fact, it’s a fucking mess of goddam strings sticking out of every nook and crevice in the bloody thing but I feel like that is just my signature style as a fashion designer. Everything I make will just have a million goddamn strings sticking out of every bloody fold and cranny, not on purpose but because that’s just my style or something, i.e. what happened this time and will probably keep happening because I feel no desire to learn how to avoid that happening. I can’t believe sewing works considering it’s just a million little idiotic strings going every which way. Of course that works, so obvious.

It’s made of standard canvas from a bookbag, which I lined with vinyl to make it uh, possibly water resistant. Incidentally, the vinyl came from the Occupy Philly May Day “STRIKE” banner! It has belt loops in the back to string my belt through. I added a little D-ring, why? Fuck if I know!l Looks useful, why the fuck not? So easy, should have added a goddamn can opener while I was at it. I also threw in a few pencil holders, a little pouch on the inside, and a red square for the historically unprecedented, spontaneous, indefinite manifestations of hundreds of thousands of Québécois underway right now.

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