unprotected sex

I met a girl three months ago and
Our sexual intercourse was
Unimpeachable from a high school
Health class perspective but she
Was boring and made me depressed.
I met a different girl three weeks ago
And this morning we had unprotected sex,
Which I had never done before ever,
Which I only agreed to
Because she reads books and
Talks about them. I felt like girls
Who read books and talk about them
Can have unprotected sex without
Negative consequences because they
Are smart. I do not think it was smart
To have unprotected sex this morning,
But I will say that I am not bored or depressed right now
And that I actually feel very happy because
She is cool and pretty and funny and blah blah blah
And even if I get an STD most of them are curable
And even if she gets pregnant, well that’s curable, too,
And those are only chances whereas
I definitely have this poem and
Even though it was not smart to
Have unprotected sex this morning,
I feel fantastic because I did just have sex
and now have a poem.

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