Fragments of automatic writing using Google Voice

See here for a note on the theoretical basis of these fragments.

Wants me god I wanted to come down. I’m not a dot frog concern, I can do anything I do every single thing I don’t even know how to speak but I do it anyway I can translate in French no I barely know the language but I’m a French translator hi… I think we’re working on it and I am the owner of my cell phone and I do not know anything.

Hello there are about 18 people living here right now depending on what you call people and living but … and if you are here or there from … better than doing research on the place … third a third third a friend of a friend.

yeah so one of the things about this place and living with so many people living in a big warehouse and all and radical politics is that if you want things that you will soon want, that it’s like, on this village… but unfortunately it’s rather in the middle of a ticket going like some lingering derek and it’s quite like describing them like american cars, noxious because it’s politically in cold, really truly and kind of like… there’s a lifestyle it is like, broke possibly, but diverse and kind of real possibly… Unlikely I can put very improbable kind of words to it… convergence of the people pass here but… when a lot of people in your house have radical aspirations and kinda radical positions but the actual reality of it… surprisingly incredulously thick and we’re still kind of only just beginning really to understand… for ourselves, the community… that’s what they said that’s kind of happening lately and it’s kinda been like pointing itself out… as early as I was calling you… yeah so that’s the… for room and we went okay so we did a little loop around there… we can just go this way then… city so… this is the bathroom this is the main bathroom … otherwise known as the green bathroom or the tiger bathroom about there this is the only shower … and some of it most of it but … no I mean, looks like the hook ups were here about when we first moved in we had to … yeah we used to pay some guy but recently some occupiers from new haven these kids we know they’ve been living in last week or two and they’re often knowing well really handy and in addition they’re fucking rad anyway so we’re thinking hoping they’re going to stay.

Hi some kind of anyways explanation just drinking a big gas energy drink do 1 jumping jack that’s all you need especially if … exporting your time where the work precedents checking with you.

Lovely lady might suck I’m gonna really wanna mix between … saint bernard and talk hey docks we’re sending our image calling to … which obviously and then it would not look I’m even I got those I make give me … a great game in the scene from … meeting love just … gonna since you good … please hey hopefully that lady is leaving at 1030 at order dot com.

What we’ve been there now I 1 … and like the 3 is only been there for I think this is like berger for we’re just not serve you something like that anyway I like to hear you heard about the rate like great marco like go within like the kind of the report but he’s like he’s it’s not the worst and like you know the now with my mom would like come in … hey like talk to you much hey jim like too crazy at work for most people so I like it but hi I just realize it’s anne I just wanted to see that that would be all he does not know kinda handle crazy like crazy because I like what about things like you have later yes yeah well he didn’t want to … like I can do anything please give me a ring freaking thing I’m stalking you turned it let’s catch up okay I don’t what would you julie hi meet hey.

We are all guilty we are all guilty but the only thing we’ve ever done that’s dangerous the only crime we ever committed hey is unused potential, the shell, being ignored or pressed hey all we are dead and wait and we’re dead space.

Hello that … hi this is … because he

With this wine I feel like I am part of that all right now I feel like I I feel absolutely sound into it would be easier I feel like I would go to like to go to sleep and 1 second wasn’t already…

Well I can’t believe we did it … we did it we could somebody…

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