Unsent letter to a former friend (a DJ)

You’ve already become a cop! You’re a DJ. Bars are temp agencies that hire short-term cops to repress the revolutionary desire of any potential counterculture by blasting recycled bourgeois nostalgia into everyone’s ears all night. Just to keep people drunk and complacent for the petty profits of idiotic philistines who have nothing to offer us other than petty pedestals for accumulating petty cash, social capital, and sexual partners. I think you should quit your job as a cop and become an artist, as I believe you once were; publicly disavow every currently existing institution in the name of truth, freedom, and a better society; and then help us do away with all of this idiocy and start from scratch. If you agree with this I will respect you. If you dismiss this, then I will be forced to conclude that you are a spineless collaborator with no ideas, convictions, or anything else worth expressing. If you respond, then I trust we will have a fruitful dialogue about the culture you and I share. Needless to say, I do not acknowledge your right to make statements on Facebook free of any responsibility to account for them.

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