Social scientist, PhD

Justin Murphy

Justin Murphy's work has appeared in IEEE Intelligent Systems, Foreign Affairs, International Studies Quarterly, and other peer-reviewed journals.

He left academia in 2019 to write and teach on the internet full-time.

Murphy publishes the Other Life newsletter and podcast from his home in Austin, Texas.

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Other Life is Justin's personal media company—a newsletter, podcast, and Youtube channel. Main themes are political theory, social science, crypto, Christianity, the creator economy, and how to sustain an academic career outside of institutions.

Data Science for Writers Course

Scientific data analysis is the most powerful way to make your writing stand out on the internet. Murphy teaches a 5-week course showing you how to craft a research agenda around your personal brand, program original data analyses, and build an audience with your work.

Founded by Murphy in November 2019, is the premiere membership community for independent intellectuals working on the internet, outside of institutions. Murphy is replacing himself as CEO, though he remains an active member.

The first arranged marriage agency for the Western world. Individuals sick of dating submit an application, Murphy crunches the data looking for potential matches, then an elderly Indian women conducts qualitative interviews. Just kidding, she's not elderly (or Indian). When a match has been made, the individuals are charged a fee, introduced to each other, and told to get married.

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"I love your work, you are a heterodox thinker." —Jonathan Haidt

"Bizarre." —Daily Mail

"Induced me into a flow state, quite literally jumping from excitement while reading it... I really connect with the idea that true intellectual life should be about the bizarre fruits of the Outside." —Oskar Brennhagen

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