Jailbreak the Mass Media

Google Chrome extension to expose mass media concentration by replacing subsidiary media companies with the name of their parent company

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Jailbreak the Mass Media is an extension for the Google Chrome browser which disrupts the user's experience of the global-capitalist media landscape. A few huge multinational media corporations own hundreds of smaller media companies to create the illusion that many small and diverse outlets all compete to give the public a wide range of media options. Jailbreak the Mass Media destroys this illusion in your web browser by displaying the name of the large parent corporation in the place of wherever a small subsidiary name is supposed to appear.

Jailbreak the Mass Media currently exposes the illusionary diversity of 172 media subsidiaries owned by only 5 big media conglomerates:

To see the list of subsidiaries accounted for, check the file "myscript.js". I would like to account for even more of the media subsidiaries which serve as fronts for big corporate media. If you would like to help, please let me know. If you're a coder, pull requests are very welcome.

Jailbreak the Mass Media is a fork of "Jailbreak the Patriarchy" by Danielle Sucher.

How to install:

Before I upload this to the Chrome Web Store, I want to increase the list of subsidiaries covered. But for now you can easily download and install the current version of Jailbreak the Mass Media right away:

  1. Just download/unzip the file above.

  2. In Chrome, simply go to Window -> Extensions and click on "Developer mode."

  3. Click on "Load unpacked extension" and navigate to the folder "Jailbreak the Mass Media". Done.

How to use:

You now have a new little button in the top right corner of Chrome. When you see the image of a little TV, your browser is currently jailbreaking the media, revealing to you parent corporations wherever a website gives you bullshit front companies. Clicking the button will make it say "OFF" and will let you see all the bullshit front companies. Also borrowed from

Known issues: