personal – The new ideological fractures

Short note about Catholic monarchism

I am not a monarchist, but I do think the Reformation was a disaster. Read More ›

theory & empirics – The new ideological fractures

Is it dangerous to engage seriously with radical right-wing thinkers?

If only it were. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Cool your jets

Social science and the radical politics of not knowing

The real usefulness of social science in times of crisis. Read More ›

personal – Long reflections

“I Think We're Really Onto Something:” Mark Fisher and My Revolutionary Friends

If you think revolution is impossible, you are looking in the wrong places. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Holiday reflections

How to deal with nasty family members during the holidays? Relax and have fun with them

Your grandmother is not a bigot if her only ethical failure is that she does not care what people on the internet think about her. Read More ›