theory & empirics – Trump and Brexit

If educated progressives are so smart, why is right-wing populism winning?

On the fake sophistication of cosmopolitan respectability. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Original empirical findings

Differences Between Supporters of Clinton and Sanders

Data show that Sanders supporters are notably to the left of Clinton supporters, and they also have fundamentally different issue priorities. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Mechanisms of pacification and liberation

Notes on some rare Deleuze lectures

Notes I took on rare video of Gilles Deleuze lecturing in 1975-76. On micro vs. molar, gangs, borders, Virginia Woolf, and social change. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Overthrowing Institutions

Not inter-disciplinary but anti-disciplinary

This is not what they call critical or inter-disciplinary social science; strictly speaking, it should be useless for the contemporary institutions of social science. Read More ›

theory & empirics – Radical politics in the UK

On Corbynism and Fuck Parades

Why Corbyn and events such as the Fuck Parade need each other. Read More ›