Political Science

I am a political scientist interested in how information, communication, and ideology distort and pacify political life. I am also interested in radical theory and philosophy. I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Southampton, where I teach on research methods and the politics of media.

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Revolutionary Politics

Is it possible to generate massive, system-level transformations of political and economic insitutions as currently atomized individuals in dying democracies? I write a lot about problems with activism and ideology, from a social-scientific perspective but also from personal experience. I avoid activism but I am interested in relationships.

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Other Projects

I also like to concoct autonomous creative projects of highly variable quality. For a few years I worked under the pseudonym Barclay Shields. I maintain a little irregular newsletter called The Art and Science of Overthrowing All Currently Existing Institutions. I also run a podcast called Other Life.

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