Political Science

As a political scientist, I work mostly on questions related to information technology, ideology, and behavior. My work has been published in scholarly journals such as British Journal of Political Science and popular outlets such as Foreign Affairs. Currently, I'm most interested in ideological heterogeneity within the left-right divide and the ideological placement of internet subcultures. I am Assistant Professor at the University of Southampton.

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Radical Politics

I work to theorize a universalist emancipatory politics consistent with the eclipse of human agency by non-human superintelligences. My work has been published in scholarly journals such as IEEE Intelligent Systems and Parrhesia, and many independent online outlets such as Plan C and Vast Abrupt. I approach these problems from a social-scientific perspective but also from extensive personal experience with left-wing political activism.

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Other Projects

I always have a few creative projects running, to counteract the stodgy respectability of my academic work. I'm currently most enthusiastic about blogging and my podcast, called Other Life. I maintain a little newsletter to share private updates on my work and life, called The Art and Science of Overthrowing All Currently Existing Institutions. For a few years, I previously worked under the pseudonym Barclay Shields. I sometimes post Youtube videos.

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The Alt-Right is not all Right: On the ideology of Kekistan

Kekistan is mostly right-wing, but with a "long tail" of centrists and leftists. The number one issue priority of Kekistanis is free speech, and Kekistani public opinion includes a large number of contradictory interests each belonging to a small number of people. There is some racism in Kekistan, but that's also in the long-tail, with many other random topics such as cryptocurrency, atheism, anime, Christianity, and AI. Read More ›

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