Political Science

I am a political scientist interested in how information, communication, and ideology distort and pacify political life. I am also interested in radical theory and philosophy. I am Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Southampton, where I teach on research methods and the politics of media.

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Revolutionary Politics

How can we can generate massive, system-level transformations of political and economic insitutions as currently atomized individuals in dying democracies? I avoid activism but I roll with a UK group called Plan C, a new-school revolutionary organization re-thinking the activist tradition.

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Other Projects

I also concoct other projects of highly variable quality. These sometimes involve non-academic writings you can find around the web, the theoretical and personal notes on my blog, and the occasional song or video or web page or performance art piece or whatever. Most recently, I started a podcast.

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Notes on some rare Deleuze lectures

Notes I took on rare video of Gilles Deleuze lecturing in 1975-76. On micro vs. molar, gangs, borders, Virginia Woolf, and social change. Read More ›

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